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Thon Hotels

Earning points

  • Members can earn points on all standard rates and contract rates (for businesses and organisations).
  • Bonus points (whether Thon DISCOVERY or SAS EuroBonus) are not earned on free nights, bonus nights, bookings made through third-party websites (such as hotels.com, expedia.com, booking.com, Coop Hotellkupp, etc.), tour operators, bookings in connection with special deals in the case of long term stays (more than 20 nights), crews, sponsor rates or other special agreements or deals. In addition, these overnight stays do not count as qualifying for upgrade of membership level
  • Certain price codes entitle the member to a reduced number of Thon DISCOVERY bonus points. They do not entitle the member to any SAS EuroBonus points.
  • Thon DISCOVERY members have the option of earning 500 from SAS EuroBonus points per night. The member can choose between earning Thon DISCOVERY points and SAS EuroBonus points.
  • No points are earned if the member is a “no show” for a booking.
  • In the case of marketing campaigns, special rules will apply to the earning of bonus points. These rules will be determined by Thon Hotels on a per-campaign basis.
  • Only one person per booked room can earn points.
  • Only Thon DISCOVERY members can earn points. Points are earned on a per-booking basis, which is to say the earned points can only apply to 1 room and 1 person. You cannot earn points when you pay for another person’s booking. However, points are earned no matter who pays for the booking.
  • Points can be credited retroactively so long as valid documentation, such as a hotel bill, receipt, or credit card statement is provided. A booking confirmation is not considered to be valid documentation. Points can only be credited within six months after the date of your stay. Contact the hotel where you stayed or Membership Services, phone +47 21 49 89 10 or , for post-registration of points.
  • You can check your points balance and expiry date on My Page; your balance will also be sent to you via e-mail in our monthly newsletter.
  • If the programme is terminated, the member’s balance will be deleted without compensation.