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  • The Thon DISCOVERY programme is designed as an electronically-based service. As a member you have access to your membership details; this includes your points balance, transaction overview, and membership profile. This information is accessible via “My Page”. As a member, you log in to “My Page” by going to thonhotels.no/.com and entering your unique username and password.
  • Communication with Thon DISCOVERY members is primarily carried out electronically. Members can opt out of receiving news from Thon DISCOVERY by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, on “My Page”, or by calling Membership Services on Tel. .
  • Membership of Thon DISCOVERY is free.
  • Thon DISCOVERY offers its own benefits that are only valid at Thon Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Thon DISCOVERY are personal memberships and can only be used by the membership holder.
  • Membership cards can be sent to Gold, Platinum and Black level members but these cards are not sent out automatically and must be ordered by sending an e-mail to Membership Services. 
  • Thon DISCOVERY cards cannot be used in combination with other bonus cards, with the exception of SAS EuroBonus cards.
  • Members of Thon DISCOVERY who are also SAS EuroBonus members can choose upon check-in whether they prefer to earn ordinary Thon DISCOVERY points or 500 SAS EuroBonus points per night.
  • Thon DISCOVERY points can not be converted into SAS EuroBonus points, nor the other way round.
  • Abuse of your membership privileges may result in the cancellation of your Thon DISCOVERY membership, and all earned points will be deleted.
  • You can change your contact details, interests, preferences and password by logging into “My Page.” or by contacting Membership Services by phone or e-mail at  or .
  • Upon cancellation of a Thon DISCOVERY membership, all earned points are deleted. Points cannot be transferred to another member or to another loyalty programme. Membership cancellation requests must be sent in writing to .
  • Thon DISCOVERY reserves the right to change its policies and benefits, or to terminate the loyalty programme altogether.
  • You must be 18 years or older to become a Thon DISCOVERY member