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Membership terms and conditions THON+

  1. General membership terms and conditions
  2. Membership communication
  3. Bonus points
  4. Membership level and qualifying period
  5. Membership benefits
  6. Transfer of your membership agreement
  7. Governing law

1. General membership terms and conditions

1.1 The membership terms and conditions apply to all members as from 16 November 2021 and replace all previous terms and conditions from that time.

1.2 THON+ is offered by THON Hotels AS, org. no. 987753579. The membership terms and conditions constitute an agreement between the member and Thon Hotels AS.

1.3 You must be 18 years or older to become a member of THON+.

1.4 The membership is personal and may only be used by the holder of the membership. Companies or other legal entities may not become members of THON+. Only one individual may be registered per membership. Membership in THON+ is free of charge.

1.5 The membership programme is set up as an electronically based service. Members have access to their membership information, including a unique membership number, points balance, transaction overview and full member profile via My Page. The member logs on to My Page using his/her unique username and password at or via the app. The member is responsible for ensuring that unauthorised persons do not gain access to the membership with a membership number and/or password. Thon Hotels’ customer centre must be contacted immediately if unauthorised persons gain access to the membership or if the contact information is changed.

1.6 The member is responsible for submitting his/her membership number when booking accommodation, as well as checking in or checking out at the hotels and with our partners in order to register bonuses and benefits.

1.7 In the event of misuse of the membership, bonus points or benefits, THON+ reserves the right to exclude members from the loyalty programme, delete earned bonus points and terminate the membership. Such misuse may include, but not be limited to, constitute harassing or disrespectful conduct towards hotels, employees or partners, criminal acts that are generally perceived as immoral or unethical or in violation of these membership terms and conditions.

1.8 The member is responsible for informing his/her employer and obtaining any required consent for the accrual and use of THON+ bonus points for stays in a work context. THON+ generally recommends that the member obtains the employer’s consent for the earning and using points. THON+ cannot under any circumstances be held liable if members do not inform and/or obtain the employer’s consent.

1.9 Private withdrawal of THON+ bonus points earned in a work context is considered taxable income and must therefore be declared to the tax authorities. THON+ disclaims any liability for any taxes or tax liability held by the member.

1.10 THON Hotels AS reserves the right to change the applicable terms and conditions, benefits and business partners, as well as to discontinue the benefits programme THON+. In the event of changes or discontinuation, notice will be given in one of THON+'s information channels, such as by email, post, text or published on’s websites in a timely manner. THON+ will do what is reasonably expected to inform in a timely fashion, but will under no circumstances be held liable if it does not occur.

2. Membership communication

2.1 THON+ will process the personal data necessary for THON and its affiliates to fulfil the agreement with the member on delivery of the membership. The contact information will also be used to send the necessary information about the membership of THON+. For further information on the processing of personal data, including the right to access, correction and deletion, please see our Privacy policy. THON+ recommends that members regularly review the Privacy policy so that they know how and why THON Hotels processes personal data in connection with the creation of membership.

2.2 By joining THON+, the member will receive information from THON Hotels that is relevant to their membership. The member may also choose to give their consent to receive marketing material from Thon Hotels and thereby receive relevant information and offers via email, text, post and prompts.

2.3 The members’ consent to marketing material is voluntary and they can withdraw all or part of their consent and thereby opt-out from Thon Hotels at any time. Consent can easily be managed via a separate unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletters, on "My Page" or via the Service Centre at or at .

3. Bonus points

Earning and validity

3.1 THON+ members earn bonus points in connection with stays at THON Hotels. The right to earn points applies from the registration date.

3.2 Only THON+ members may earn bonus points. This is only earned for own stay, i.e. for 1 room and 1 person where only one person per room used earns points. Points are not earned when paying for others’ stays. Points are earned regardless of who pays for the stay.

3.3 All ordinary prices and agreement prices (for companies and organisations) give the right to earn bonus points. Exceptions can be seen in point 3.4.

3.4 On the other hand, no bonus points are given for day stays (check-in and check-out takes place on the same day), free nights, bonus nights, stays booked via third-party channels (such as,,, Coop Hotellkupp, etc.), tour operators, overnight stays in connection with long-term rentals, crew, Thonsport prices, project prices, sponsor prices or other special agreements. These stays do not qualify for membership level upgrades either.

3.5 Bonus points earned have a validity of 3 years (36 months) and expire the last date of the accrual month in the third year. After this time, the bonus points will expire and cannot be used.

3.6 Earned bonus points are personal and cannot be linked to other members’ bonus points.

3.7 THON+ members have the opportunity to earn 500 SAS EuroBonus points per night. The member can choose between THON+ and SAS EuroBonus points at check-in. THON+ points cannot be converted to SAS EuroBonus (or vice versa), retrospectively. By selecting SAS EuroBonus points, no counting night is earned for the THON + membership.

3.8 Certain price codes reduce the number of THON+ bonus points. These price codes do not provide bonus points in SAS EuroBonus.

3.9 In the event of marketing campaigns that provide extra bonus points, separate rules apply for earning bonus points. These are determined by Thon Hotels on a case-by-case basis.

3.10 Points are not awarded if you do not show up for the booked stay or for remaining nights if you check out early. This includes prepaid bookings.

3.11 Post-registration of points may only take place on the basis of valid documentation such as a hotel bill, invoice or credit card receipt. Confirmation of booking is not valid documentation. This must be done no later than 6 months after the stay. Contact the hotel, form on the website or the Service Centre on or , for re-registration of points.

3.12 Upon cancellation of THON+, all bonus points will be deleted. Bonus points cannot be transferred or given to another member.

3.13 THON+ reserves the right to delete erroneously posted bonus points within six months without notice.

Use and withdrawal of bonus points

3.14 Withdrawal of bonus points requires a valid THON+ membership and a sufficient number of valid bonus points. For withdrawal, the oldest points are used first. The number of bonus points is deducted from the member’s balance immediately when booking.

3.15 For bonus points withdrawals for stays or other withdrawals, the bonus points must cover the entire price and cannot be combined with other payment methods such as partial payment of rooms. Bonus points cannot be withdrawn in cash either. Two or more members may not add points or transfer points to another member in order to meet the withdrawal limit.

Booking of bonus stays is made via our website or via the app. Bookings can also be made via the Service Centre on or , or directly with the hotel you wish to stay at. When booking, it must be stated that this applies to bonus stays. Walk-in bookings cannot be paid for with points.

3.17 The booked bonus stay may be changed or cancelled in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation rules. In case of a no-show, Thon Hotels will charge the points for the stay booked.

3.18 A bonus stay may take place after the points have expired, but must be booked before the points expire. For cancellations within the ordinary deadline, the bonus points used can be refunded, provided that the points have not expired.

3.19 A certain number of rooms per hotel per night have been allocated for bonus points. There may be available rooms in other price categories, even though rooms allocated for bonus points are fully booked.

3.20 Bonus stays may be used by the member’s family and friends without the member staying, provided the member himself/herself books the stay via Member Service.

3.21 Information about the membership is only given to the member via the Service Centre on telephone , or by logging into "My Page".

4. Membership level and qualifying period

4.1 THON+ consists of three membership levels: Gold, Platinum and Black level. The calculation of the membership levels is determined by the number of qualifying nights the member has earned during his or her qualification period. The number of qualifying nights earned during the current qualifying period determines whether the member remains at his/her level or whether the level changes.

4.2 A qualification period is rolling and corresponds to twelve months calculated from the first month the member was registered.

4.3 A qualifying night is the same as one night’s stay at Thon Hotels, which qualifies for bonus points described in the present section. 3.3.

4.4 Qualification and membership levels are according to the following provisions: Gold level applies to 0-9 qualifying nights for one qualifying period. Platinum level is earned with 10-29 qualifying nights for one qualifying period. Black level is earned with 30 qualifying nights or more for one qualifying period.

4.5 During a qualifying period, a member has the opportunity to qualify for Platinum and Black levels. The Gold level does not apply to any qualification provisions. Upon achievement, downgrading or re-qualification of a higher membership level, the qualification period will be renewed by 12 new months. In other words, a new qualifying 12-month period begins in the event of a change in membership. The calculation of qualifying nights is reset at the end of a qualifying period. This does not affect earned bonus points or other benefits that are available for withdrawal.

4.6 Upgrade to a higher membership level occurs on an ongoing basis when members reach the minimum requirements set out above at present. 4.4.

4.7 Downgrading and renewal of membership level takes place on a rolling basis each month and takes effect the first month after the qualification period has ended.

4.8 In the event of a downgrading of membership level, the member will only be downgraded one membership level at a time, after the end of the qualifying period.

5. Membership benefits

5.1 Different membership benefits have been allocated to the individual membership levels: Gold, Platinum and Black level. The higher the membership level, the more benefits the member will receive.

5.2 Member benefits given in connection with a hotel stay are delivered at the level the member has at the time of check-in.

5.3 See all current membership benefits.

Exceptions and special periods.

5.4 For the membership benefit guaranteed room at destination 24/48 hours, we have grouped hotels under the same destination. See which hotels are categorised under each destination.

5.5 During special periods, there will be a limited number of rooms available at the membership price and it will not be possible to guarantee rooms at the hotels at the destination during the period in question. See an overview of particularly busy periods here.

 5.6 THON+ applies to all Thon Hotels except for the following:

  • Thon Partner Hotel Sorø
  • Thon Partner Hotel Selbusjøen
  • Thon Partner Hotel Dockyard
  • Hotel Kungsträdgården

5.7 Earning of bonus points applies to all hotels except for the following:

  • Thon Hotel Sorø
  • Thon Partner Hotel Selbusjøen
  • Thon Partner Hotel Dockyard
  • Hotel Kungsträdgården

6. Transfer of your membership agreement

6.1 THON+ has the right to transfer your membership agreement with THON+ to another company that will continue to operate the membership club.

7. Governing law

7.1 Local deviations in the membership terms and conditions may occur, depending on the legislation of the individual country.

7.2 The terms and conditions shall be governed by Norwegian law, with the exception of legal deviations arising from other countries’ legislation. In the event of disputes regarding the rules of THON+, Norwegian law will apply. Disputes will be settled by Norwegian courts.

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